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Meet Bridget Clutten

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What's your background?

Born in Zambia, brought up in Zimbabwe, and after extensive travels in Turkey, Europe and Africa, I am now living in the beautiful seaside city of Durban in South Africa. As my parents were very much involved in the arts, my siblings and I were brought up in a very creative environment. Art was a big part of my childhood and I can’t imagine life without it.


What's your medium of choice when you're creating art?

I love to test and try out a wide variety of mediums. I choose intuitively according to each project. Chalk pastels as well as oil paint are my most favorite right now because these are the mediums I find give me the results that satisfy me the most, But I will often mix in other mediums as I work as the mood takes me and whatever medium I’m using becomes my favorite in that moment.


How did you build your creative habit?

Sktchy by far has had a huge influence on my creative habit, encouraging me to draw or paint every day. I find a short session of meditation and gratitude is a vital part of my preparation before I get started.


When you find yourself in a creative rut, how do you get out of it?

If I find myself in a creative rut, I look at other artists work to ignite the spark of inspiration for me. Sktchy is the go to place for that, also the great masters, the pre-Raphaelites and the Impressionists are a source of awe for me.


Which of your recent Sktchy artworks most expresses who you are now as an artist?

As I feel I am constantly learning and growing, always it will be my latest artwork which would express who I am right now as an artist.

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