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Meet Patrick Hochstenbach


Patrick will be sharing drawing tips and demo videos during Rise & Draw


What’s your background?

I drew a lot as kid and created comics for the college and university newspapers. After I graduated, I didn’t draw for 15 years. At 40 I rediscoverd the joy of drawing and took some classes in comics drawing. Using Sktchy I found out that creating portraits is even more fun.


What do you look for in a reference photo on sktchy?

I love gestures and people doing an action. When I look for inspiration, I always ask myself, “Which verb do I see?”


What’s your medium of choice when you’re creating art?

An H2 pencil and my TWSBI fountain pen


What’s one quirk in your creative process?

My penciling is more a first attempt to get some shapes on the paper. Inking is a continuation of sketching. Very often I ignore my pencil lines.


Any words of advice for fellow artists?

Exploit your weaknesses – this is what defines your personal style.

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