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These Extraordinary Artists Want To Share Their Creative Secrets With You

If you love to draw, you know that making the time to do it regularly is a challenge. Life gets in the way.

That's why, on Monday, June 4, Sktchy is launching an in-app subscription: to help you build a life-changing drawing habit, and keep it going. You can learn more about the subscription here.

With just one week 'til launch, let's meet the six featured artists who will be sharing drawing tips and videos with subscribers starting on Monday, June 4.


Featured artist
Koanne ko

Koanne is a Hong Kong-based artist who got a B.F.A in Traditional Illustration from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco



Featured Artist
Sergei Romanenko

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Sergei is a self-taught artist who currently lives and creates in the Black Sea town of Batumi.  
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Featured Artist
Vin Ganapathy

Based in Brooklyn, Vin mixes pen, pencil and paint to create illustrations that are marked by fine, almost-frail line work and sudden bursts of color.



Featured Artist
McLovin Chen

McLovin is a 2D game artist from Taiwan. Drawing "makes me feel relaxed and connected to the whole world...It's beyond language."



Featured Artist
Nadyia Duff

Born in Kingston, raised in Miami, Nadyia overcame childhood cancer to become a professional arts educator and a prolific creator of bold, vividly detailed portrait art.
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Featured Artist
Carmel Green

Carmel is a self-taught artist from England and a full time mum. She went to art college and "naughtily dropped out after 9 months."

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