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Meet McLovin Chen

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What's your background?

Hi all, this is McLovin Chen from Taiwan.

Since I was kid, my favorite thing to do is doodling in study books. Add some beard for that guy or try to draw some comic as yesterday's cartoon on TV – always more fun than boring teacher. I studied civil engineering at college, didn't have a chance to study real art at school.

After graduating, I had a chance to study game art with digital tools and join the game industry for surviving. I'm still learning today. So I want to improve my drawing skills like my art heroes, like Craig Mullins aka the godfather of digital painting.


When my ex-coworker showed me a PDF file, made by Atey Ghailan (Senior Illustrator at Riot Games), that showed 365 days of sketching, I was amazed. We thought, "This guy is married and really busy at work, and he still has time to do all this awesome stuff." From that point, I try to start a 365-day drawing challenge on my own.

In August 2016, I found the Sktchy app. It's a perfect app for me, to practice, to connect with other people from around the whole world. I've shared more than 600 drawings on Sktchy. It has become my favorite thing to do every day after day work.


What's your medium of choice when you're creating art?

I use mechanical pencil on paper before, but now I use digital tools–Photoshop and Wacom tablet–for speed.


How did you build your creative habit?

I really enjoy to draw everyday. When it becomes your favorite moment in a day, how could you stop it?

I draw very quick, in little time, about 30 mins a day. Totally focus. Then I take break. I think it's easier than working out for 30 mins a day? Or just for me?!


Which of your recent artworks most expresses who you are now as an artist?

I try to learn some realistic style and some cartoon style. And I like to draw something funny to make my Sktchy friends laugh. Maybe that's my style, who knows!

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