Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I share art?

  1. Find a reference photo in the Inspiration tab (the one represented by a lightbulb icon πŸ’‘ in the tab bar)

  2. Create an artwork using the reference photo as inspiration

  3. To upload your artwork, tap the icon under the reference photo that looks like a painter's palette with a plus button 

How do I save a photo to draw later?

Tap the bookmark icon under the photo. This will add it to your "Saved" section, which you can access via the top right corner of the Inspiration tab (the one represented by a lightbulb icon πŸ’‘ in the tab bar).

How can I get an artist to draw me?

  • Share an inspiring reference photo. To do this, tap the plus button in the tab bar and then select "Inspiration" under "What would you like to share?"

  • Commission the artist. To get started, tap the "Commission" button on the artist's profile. If you don't see a "Commission" button, then that particular artist is not accepting commission requests.

How do I see the photo that inspired an artwork?

Swipe right on any artwork in the app to view its inspiration.

What if someone draws me in a way I don’t like?

You can untag any artwork you inspired. To do so, tap the ellipsis icon under the post and select "Untag".

Is there Sktchy for Android?

No, there isn't a Sktchy app for Android at the moment. This is one of our biggest goals. Sign up to this newsletter to get updates. 

More questions?

Contact us, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.