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Required Materials - Make Your Mark with Joan Martin

Make Your Mark with Joan Martin


Class Materials

- White cartridge/printer paper (inexpensive)
- Small sponge roller
- 3 acrylic brushes (fine, medium, large) 
- Old credit cards/gift cards
- Can of artist’s fixative or inexpensive hairspray
- White acrylic paint/white acrylic marker pen/white ink
- 2 ballpoint pens (at least two different colours)
- Long paintbrush/dowel stick (about 35 cm long), or a stick from the garden
- Masking tape
- 1 inexpensive household candle, or white wax crayon or pastel
- Graphite pencils (a clutch/mechanical pencil or drawing pencil will work)
- Acrylic drawing ink (black and one other colour)
- Plastic pipettes, or medium-weight string, or a feather
- Thick cardboard box (the type that has two smooth pieces of card that sandwich a corrugated piece inside)
- Plastic woven bags (e.g., a fruit bag)
- Textured, non-slip mat
- Text-based stamps and stamp pad (optional)



Questions + Comments

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