Photo Submission Guidelines

Every day artists around the world come to Sktchy to find inspiring photos to draw. These guidelines will help you grab their attention and earn a spot on their canvases.


Bigger is better

Your image should be at least NUMBER by NUMBER pixels in size. If you're not sure, use the eye test: Does your photo look blurry or pixelated? If not, you're probably good to go!

 👍 Example of a high-resolution photo -  @carrie_arnold

👍 Example of a high-resolution photo - @carrie_arnold

 👎 Example of a blurry image

👎 Example of a blurry image



let there be light

Countless artists have told us that they can't resist photos with a dramatic interplay between light and shadow.

 👍 Example of inspiring lighting -  @jenell_duhhcid

👍 Example of inspiring lighting - @jenell_duhhcid

 👍 -  @melpom_n

👍 - @melpom_n



Act natural

Put down that Selfie Stick. An unposed, natural photo is almost always more inspiring than a duckface captured at arm's length.



Strike a pose

This may seem contrary to the previous guideline. Well, it is! While a natural pose can be inspiring, artists also love to draw dynamic poses and gestures.

 👍 -  @bonetics

👍 - @bonetics

 👍 -  @jadecohen

👍 - @jadecohen

 👍 -  @brycerider


Express yourself

Laugh. Cry. Scowl. Scream! Artists can't resist a genuine display of human emotion.



clearer is better

The content of your photo should be recognizable. While some artists may find inspiration in an unclear image, photos with a clear subject will generally grab more artists' attention.

 👎 What is this? Most artists won't spend time trying to figure it out.

👎 What is this? Most artists won't spend time trying to figure it out.



variety is the spice of life

Feel free to submit multiple photos of yourself (or any subject) as long as the images are visually distinct. If you have a set of similar photos, please pick the most inspiring one to submit.

 As hard as it may be, pick one to submit

As hard as it may be, pick one to submit



unfiltered is better

MANY artists have told us they would never draw a heavily filtered image

 👎 Sorry, Kendall

👎 Sorry, Kendall



Keep your clothes on

While we do appreciate that the nude human form has inspired artists through the centuries, the Sktchy community includes children and our app has a 12+ age rating in the App Store. So please, for the kids, keep it clean.


last, but not least

You must own the rights to any image you share on Sktchy, or the owner of the image must give you explicit permission to share it. Please adhere to this guideline to avoid any legal consequences that may come from sharing an image you do not own.


Any questions?

Feel free to email us at info [at] sktchy [dot] com, or fill out the form on the Contact page.