August 2018 - Featured Artists


Featured Artists
August 2018

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Featured Artist
Cristina Pacheco

"I have been in love with painting ever since I was a little kid. Becoming a painter was my naive dream – it still is!"

Featured Artist
Alvaro Escobar

"I have always used drawing as a form of therapy. Any worries or anxieties that I have in life are washed away when I sit down and pull out my sketchbook."

Featured Artist
Jennifer Ackerman

"The most dependable way to shake myself out of a slump is to switch things up. I either decide to change media ('This month, nothing but ballpoints!') or give myself a new challenge to conquer ('I'm going to pick the most intimidating head of hair I can find')."

Featured Artist
Sailesh Vaghela

"I want my art to mean something, even if it’s not the intended idea. I’d love to think my art could be emotive enough to make a person feel something."

Featured Artist
Benjamin Zayas

"The biggest key to staying focused and creating a habit is to keep telling yourself that it’s ALWAYS a process. There is no end to it, and there shouldn’t be."