You love drawing. You want to draw every day. But life gets in the way. This is exactly why we launched an in-app subscription.

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Every day, subscribers get a new tip from an extraordinary artist, plus a demo video and an inspiring reference photo to draw. You can also set up a drawing reminder... 

iPad Copy with shadow.png when the time comes, all you have to do is sit down and start sketching.

Try it for free

Your first three days as a subscriber are free. After that, the subscription costs only $4.99/month (USD). To subscribe, get the Sktchy app and tap "Daily Tip" at the top of your Home feed.

Meet September's Featured Artists

Each month a new group of extraordinary artists shares tips and videos with subscribers


Featured Artist
Craig Houghton

"I developed a sustainable, creative habit by learning how to make art the most enjoyable escape-route in my life."

Featured Artist
Amanda MacKenzie-Noice

"Inspiration is everywhere, and it’s important to fight your personal art-block and get that idea on to paper."

Featured Artist
Brooks Kim

"I am a very lazy person. But on the other hand, I am greedy too. So I want to express many things by drawing."

Featured Artist
Jenny Brown

"I’ve learnt that each drawing is practice for the next one..."

Featured Artist
Fabrizio Fiandanese

"While drawing I literally fall in love with the facial features of my subject."