You love drawing. You want to draw every day. But life gets in the way. This is exactly why we launched an in-app subscription.

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Every day, subscribers get a new video tip from an extraordinary artist and an inspiring reference photo to draw. You can also set up a drawing reminder... 

iPad Copy with shadow.png when the time comes, all you have to do is sit down and start sketching.

Try it for free

Your first three days as a subscriber are free. After that, the subscription costs only $4.99/month (USD). To subscribe, get the Sktchy app and tap the video icon in the middle of the tab bar.

Meet October’s Featured Artists

Each month a new group of extraordinary artists shares tips and videos with subscribers


Featured Artist
Tiffany S. Davanzo

Featured Artist
Brian Judy

Featured Artist
Fabienne Lochmatter

Featured Artist
Morgan Sawyer

Featured Artist
Krystal Figueroa